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8.7.2020 18:36:36

One of my company's Profit Visions clients told me his expectations - pay once for an application and that's it for the lifetime.

He is not a first one, I hear sentences like this very often.

Sometimes, they are just manipulative and in fact want to smuggle this into a contract. Most of the time, people really think it's a possibility, how it should work and you are incompetent, if you can't provide.

To everybody reading this - nothing in this universe work like that. Nothing can't be just done for a lifetime. Everything gets old.

This works especially for a tech or a software, in this specific case. It's all about mobile app.

Why do apps get old?

It's for several reasons, actually.

App is bound to an operating system (OS). Mobile operating systems are two, in general - Android and iOS. Both of them are refreshed every year. Applications use features of these OS and OSs features are added, updated, changed and also removed.

Features are removed, because they can cause security issues, drain battery too fast or they are not wanted by people.

If you application uses a feature, that is removed in a newer version of Android or iOS, everybody with this new version would not be able to launch your app.

It's a fact. We can't go against it, we must simply update the app, or stop using the app.

And what we can do with people thinking anything is for a lifetime? Educate them. Be patient, talk to them, as I do. They will understand, eventually. It's harder for them to understand than for you to explain.