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19.9.2018 22:30:04
sharing, car, electric car, yellow, city, app, economy, transport

Today i saw this. Is that a car or a high tech shopping roller? :D

It's a car, it really is. So small, so... not ugly, let's call it specific.

But you know what is so great abou this car? It is complete electric and it is provided as a service. Download an app and you can actually a rent this car with paying by minutes.

I see it as a perfect alternative to Uber in some cases. Few times happened to me that public transport just stopped or something. So you take an Uber or Taxi because you have an important meeting somewhere. You can sit into this and just go.

The only problem is, because I am a big guy, nobody else can sit next to me although it actually has two seats. Still it is only for me and my bag. Or two skinny guys or girls.

All world around us go straight towards the sharing economy. I am trying to learn that and not want to own things. It's hard, we all grow up in this economy model and neet to change ourselves. But it's actually great for everybody, at least everybody you can possibly care.