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30.11.2020 16:32:52

I want to talk about COVID-19, coronavirus and the whole pandemic world is currently in. I am not even trying to talk about the medical side of the virus or illness, more about us, about people and what we, as a society, should change in ourselves, in individuals.

There are things to notice.

First, researchers already found a link between civilizational deceases and worse states of the illness. And that's nothing new, every medical problem is worse with other medical issues present in a person. In an extreme example, a cough kills people with cancer.

Second, look at corona-statistics in your country and compare it to Japan. What you would find is that Japanese are far healthier, than any other civilization in the world. I live in Czech republic, Central Europe and what I found is crazy. Japanese people end up in hospitals of coffins 150 times less, than us.

Let's connect it - civilizational medical issues, Japanese' active life style - of course, we are lazy pigs!

Do you know that obesity is a civilizational decease? Yeah, it is.
Do you know old people can have almost as much stamina as mid-age and young ones?

We just don't care about ourselves, we are to much used to that someone takes care of us.

I had a grandparents, lazy AF, complaining about everything, how they don't have money, everything keeps getting more expensive, keep having medical issues.
They've got a news from me - it's not because they were old, they were just lazy.

On the other hand, 85 years old gradmas experience it just as a common 5 days in a bad. Those grandmas go for walks, cook, are active physically and mentally.

My worst weight was 150 kg. If I would keep at it, I am pretty sure I would be now in a hospital with COVID-19. But it's 4 years since I started to eat well and I am still intensifying my exercise. I haven't been even in bed sick since then.

Nobody likes to be closed at home, to wear face mask or to not be able to visit a cinema.

So, people, start caring about yourselves. Go for a 20 minute walk, OK? Covid may be worse than flu, may not, but our lives make it worse for everybody.