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15.9.2018 23:16:40

I have finished Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris and Warmind DLCs. There wasn't really much of a change since the main story. But these stories built up directly on the main one. That's fine.

Osiris is a banished Guardian. He explores infinite realities. I am not perfectly sure, if those realities always been there, or they were created by Vex. Any hint anybody?

Warmind was about a Rasputin AI, that has been used in Golden Age to... well... win wars. Ana wanted to get to it, according to Zavala it was too dangerous. Yes, it has power to win what's coming (just a big worm, literely), but with that also a power to destroy what everything. It is intelligent, so Ana wanted to ask it what it wants instead of using it as a weapon. They asked and Rasputin has decided to spread itself among the stars. Finally, at least one unpredictable outcome of Destiny 2 stories :)
I get the kind of guys like Zevala, but they worry too much. If you keep yourself perfectly save, you also keep yourself away from evolving. And we need to evolve!