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15.9.2018 20:57:05

Yesterday, I've finished main story of Destiny 2 on PC.

It took me a long time before I bought this game. I knew it wasn't much story heavy and that I don't seek. But as I saw the youtubers playing it, it looked great and the developer continuing with large updates. Seemed fine, the graphics is awesome and I needed to turn myself off for a day. OK than, Destiny 2 Forsaken collection it is.

I've seen just a few missions so far, so I knew there is a story. Now I know that the Destiny 2 is not exactly a story-driven game. It's fine, that what it is. But the story has a potential. The Destiny 2 is more about battleing, shooting so I get it. If it was different game like Mass Effect, the story could be more intense, deeper, longer.

SPOILER... The story is basically about Guardians from Earth at times when human civilization colonized Solar system. But we are not alone, there are more races living in here. One other comes from beyond the system lead by Dominus Ghole. The Guardians have The Light from Traveler, that sits at The city, last city of the Earth protected by Guardians.
Now, Dominus comes, destroys Guardian's tower, takes over the city and captures the Traveler, tries to get the Light for himself. Oh and he tries to blow up the Sun as he did in other star systems. Guardians unite, stop the Almighty (station destroing the Sun), take back the city and kill Dominus. Like a fairy tail.

You have fun with characters, though. They are all very different. Cayde is a funny guy. Makes jokes that make him seem not very smart, but I think he just do that because they are amusing. Zavala is a leader of Guardians who's voice is really annoying to me. Ikora is kind of a whole life student. And of course there are ghosts. Every Guardian has one. They are essentially a piece of Light with it's own personality in a mechanic / electronic shell, as they call it. Your ghost is guiding you, but also healing and resurrecting you.

So the story is OK, characters make you laugh some times, visuals are amazing. The gameplay alone. Well, it felt more like a Borderlands - a quick actions, not realistic but awesome graphics, funny talks, various of weapons etc. Yeah, a lot like Borderlands.

In many occasions I kept thinking - why do they need those talks? I mean like leader talks before battle that says something like "If we don't make it, all we know dies.". You know that, he knows that, everybody in the room knows that. When someone says me what I already know, I am more stressed than hyped, you know what I mean?

So at the end, Destiny 2 is a fine game that took me 17 hours to finish main story and all its adventures. Now I have finished the Curse of Osiris DLC, Going through the Warmind and soon will be playing the Forsaken. I've seen the intro gameplay including cutscenes. Cayde dies, but since this is not a story-heavy game, I don't expect to get tears.