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15.9.2018 21:52:58

Why is most space sci-fi stories all around Earth? Something happens, the Earth is all in a danger. Even there are human colonies on other planets. Don't they understand that in that kind of scenario the other planets would be as habitat as Earth? Are they do these stories for sentiment? Or for emotion to our home? Not really sure, but seems weird.

I'm thinking about that because Elon Musk has plans to send human colonists to Mars in next 6 years, build a small city in next 4 years. I'ts 10 years from now. And our city neighborhood is going to be renewed in next 12 years from now. See that speed? See what I mean? This planet is going to grow so much slower than our new planets.

So why is that? Why stories like that? Or am I mistaken and just remember those stories more than those with different center?