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16.2.2020 10:57:29

It's a month since I've changed my eating habits and it works awesome for me!

How I prepare my meals


About 300 - 400 grams of fruit

I found out I don't really need a pastry or cereals, even I was used to it for my entire life.

I am an owl learned to get up in the early morning. So I know I need energy. Fruit is perfect for that. Also give me vitamins and the sweet flavor. I now do not want any sugary bars or anything like that, I have no taste for these carbohydrate-full stuff.

Usually after my breakfast I handle some e-mails, phone calls and head to a gym. I can, I have more energy than ever.


If I even eat one, it's one or two slices of cheese with 2 or 3 slices of turkey ham.

With this I begin to receive fat and proteins. Also give me the fullness feeling until lunch.


Light meal made of vegetable, usually legumes, eggs. Just the amount to be well fed without such a heavy food to put me down.

I switched to this kind of lunching since a standard meal with big portions or meat made me sleepy and as far as I can tell, it does it to everybody. After a such lunch, I can wait 30 minutes and go to gym if I couldn't make it earlier or just immediately continue working.


This time I take a probiotic white yogurt and if I am hungry, adding vegetables.


Now dinner is my main standard dish. I take whatever I want - turkey meat, lasagna, gnocchi, tuna salad, sometimes even pizza. Just to reward myself after the day.

Does it work?

So far it does the job!

The job is to loose weight, also cut on pastry, have more energy and be more active throughout the day - physically and mentally.

Since I started, I lost 5 kilograms.

I can't say it's only because of the diet, I also go to a gym more. But the fact is this diet gives me more time and energy to do stuff.

After a big lunch, I could usually barely walk. Now, when it's not an issue, I have 2 more hours of the day I can do something.

Know what you do

If you want to try this diet, go ahead. But know yourself. Your and mine bodies are different and to be honest, I have never encountered anything saying to have fruits for breakfast. Maybe it's not a good for marketing of cereals, possibly it's not just cool, but there is also a possibility it is not perfectly healthy.

It works for me right now, but I also check all possible negatives.