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Fitness Running Jogging Hoodie Experience Workout

12.1.2020 13:30:40

So I started my running on treadmill with a hoodie a week ago. It is a very different experience and I want to share it. I will mainly show the difference between running in hoodie and just a t-shirt.

First, here is my current routine:

Stage 1 (0 - 15 minutes)

5 minutes WALK
10 minutes RUN

Stage 2 (16 minutes - 30 minutes)

5 minutes WALK
10 minutes RUN

Stage 3 (31 minutes - 45 minutes)

5 minutes WALK
10 minutes RUN

Stage 4 (46 minutes - cca 65 minutes)

5 minutes WALK
10 - 15 minutes RUN


2 - 5 minutes WALK

Much faster worming up

It is clear you will worm up faster. I was surprised how much faster.

When I was running in t-shirt, I was completely wormed up after Stage 1. But in a hoodie it takes no more than 5 minutes with first signs of sweat after only 2 minutes.

You must take the heat

During majority of my workout, it did not feel different. But you are worm for much longer period of time, which starts to be very uncomfortable very fast. I sweat much more and though I don't feel warmer, my body is.

It has a few awesome advantages and that is why I started to do this.

If your body is warmer, your muscles are more relaxed, protected and the workout is actually easier. There is also much less tension on your joints. This is not something you immediately start to recognize, but be sure you would at certain age.

Great example of how heat works with your body are hot or bikram yoga classes, that intentionally rise the room temperature.

What it does NOT do

I am not sure, though, if worming up works for weight loss. I don't see it with myself (at least yet) and there is no one major opinion.


Drink more water than without your hoodie. During my first hoodie workout, I noticed I felt dizzy before Stage 2 ended and I realized I need to drink water twice as much than before, because I loose it in sweat twice as fast.

At the end of my workout, I finish with my 1 liter bottle empty at that seems good enough to my needs.

After I finish, I go to a shower as soon as possible. My t-shirt and hoodie are completely wet and they start to cool down at the moment of stopping the treadmill.

This is dangerous, since this cold sweat causes muscles getting "sick". This is what I meant when I wrote, that muscles are protected. Second day of my workout, I were visit my personal trainer after I finished. The t-shirt felt extremely cold after only 3 minutes.

Until this day, I can't fully turn my head left.

From that day, I go to a shower immediately, dry myself as I can and keep myself warm for next hours with my wet hair out of my skin (I have a longer hair).

In summary

Workouts with hoodie are great with awesome benefits I could see within my first day. I just needed to learn some procedures around it to keep myself healthy.