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game Final Fantasy Final Fantasy XV

4.10.2018 22:07:16

I play a Final Fantasy XV on Windows. You can even watch it :)

I am so glad they did this port from PS4. It's so weird sometimes, like if there are dialogs that show controller buttons instead of keyboard keys. It works great, no problem in controlling Noctis or anything.

There is one thing that get my attention multiple times. I played Mass Effect: Andromeda, twice and all around the internet I see those hates about facial animations in the game and mainly cutscenes. I get it, but I don't see any about Final Fantasy XV. You know what? It's even worse! People's facial "muscles" don't even move. They cry, they scream, but you can't see a move in there. I didn't much mind in Mass Effect, but I little bit more do here. Look at those videos and you can see by yourself.

Otherwise it's so awesome game, I really enjoy it. Steam says I have played for 14 hours until now and I think I am not even in the half of the main story.

Well I don't think the story is so long, but there are so many side quests that don't feel like side much, more like you suppose to do them.

One more thing I think could be polished a little bit more. You know how characters react or interact with you and with world and they say something, make an animation sort of. It is also here, but there is just a single one animation and phrase. I heard phrase "That's it! I came up with a new recipe." like 50 times, just like "Hey there, opening".

I must admit... This is my very first Final Fantasy game. Many things come as weird to me like it's not a modern game. But what? It works for this game and I enjoy it so much!