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20.9.2018 17:13:59

Today's workout was weird. In a good sense I mean.

Today it was a leg day, usually it is a workout that completely kills me for at least the rest of the day. This time it wasn't any easier during the training session, but somehow I was able to walk afterwards and even run on a treadmill and now an hour and a half later I'm feeling fine.

Why is that? I've made a few changes for this time and wonder which one, if any, made the difference.

Before lunch, I was a little more active. Usually I just sit at PC and working, now I were going to have lunch with my girlfriend to Mexican restaurant.

The other was I took a water with lemon with me to the gym instead of water alone.

Next time I go at Tuesday and I want to try to replicate this. I am going to take the lemon water again and see if it does something.

It's also possible that I'm having just a good day - enough sleep, good mood, simply feeling fine. Or I am just thinking I am fine but tomorrow I am going to feel everything.

If I would find a way to feel better after the gym, I make a big leap in my attempts to better health and figure.