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16.9.2018 20:51:57

I am writing a project specification of personal screening. I can't believe what information are there to find about any person and with little bit of work and few bucks by anybody.

Starting to think that data really are the most valuable thing in and beyond the world.

On the other hand, this is how this society works - collecting information. But honestly, are you really interested in every detail of your neighbor? If you are, have a damn good reason, otherwise you are pathetic without anything to do.

This is difficult topic. I know many people are afraid of big companies gathering any info they can about you. Just remember, that they don't do it for anyone's personal pleasure. There is no dude just sitting and masturbating on the name of your wife. No, these informations are stored on extremlly secured servers and pulled as summary results. Yeah, they filter ads by that, but would you rather get ads on something you seriously don't care or something you like? Would you keep using old and useless devices and software or the one that fits you?

Yeah, we share too much info, but it's put to a good use.