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KETO Lifestyle diet

19.7.2020 09:09:51

KETO diet is a very stupid thing for the most of people.

I am not a hater, I have an understanding how it works. I'll explain.

So, you are out of carbs almost completely.

First, it means you are banned off fruit. Do you know how important fruit is? Vitamins, minerals and you receive less water, since fruit is full of it.

Second, less carbs doesn't necessary mean less energy, no, your body will use to the different source of energy in a few weeks.

BUT here comes the problem. Carbs are for the "quick energy" when you need it. And when you need it? Whenever you are in a stress. Whether it's emotional stress, need to run to catch a bus, you get into any kind of trouble.

You are at work and your boss have a bad day and he starts to pick on you, you get in stress. Without this quick energy, you can't handle it as well and have a higher risk to fall into an emotional stress.

A workout? You can prepare, KETO is fine for that and you can still look and feel awesome.

How about if you are running late because of a traffic jam? If you are not a complete ignorant, should stress you out. Without this quick energy, you'll be unable to calm down and think.

Can you train your body and mind to accept this better? Yeah, of course you can. There are meditation exercises keeping you calm and think and I am sure many more ways. Then it's more a KETO lifestyle and it's OK.

But most people do KETO just for the sake of a weight loss since they presume it as easier than go and work in a gym or an hour and a half long walk.

If you do this, go all in. It's not as simple as magazines make it look.

You shouldn't do anything just to fit in last year swimsuite, anyway.