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19.9.2018 21:20:29

New RTX Nvidia cards are off the information embargo. The results are actually suprising for me. I have watched multiple benchmarking videos like Jayz, Kyle ( or Linus. Linus just complained, won't take him seriously here :) He was right, but not important now.

When I watched Jay's video, I didn't see any kind of difference between GTX 1080 Ti and new RTX 2080 Ti - it was always about 1 - 3 FPS so really nothing. But in Kyle's video I can clearly see there is a huge difference.

The two of them didn't use the same CPU so what I took from that? A bottleneck. It's crazy, it seriously means you need the highest clocked CPU to fully use these new RTX. I can only hope the Intel or AMD break the 5 GHz barrier very soon.

The Ray tracing is another story. Of course they can't test it, there is no game currently out that supports it. But someone has to be the first and I apriciate whoever that is. That's because gets so much hate for overpricing something without any use... First iPhone has not any other use in months then calling, messiging, calendar and alarm cause there were no apps. So Nvidia, great job, I salute you!