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16.9.2018 19:29:45

I have just finished a Forsaken story campaign of Destiny 2. It was pretty good. Cayde died and the guy we've been searching for turns out to be just a poppet. He did kill him for fun I'd say, but me and Petra Venj didn't find him just at his chair, but in the middle of summoning the "god". Well, after that, the god ate him. Guess he deserved that. Funny is, that thing looked like the red ball monster from Doom. Most difficult battle of all in the Desetiny 2. At least yet. I red there are coming more of this game.

I am preparing a gameplay video. One long through whole campaign. The stupid thing is I started to record just after the intro sequence. But since that, it's complete, uninterrupted. And takes maybe 5 hours to encode that - I have 4 videos that I am putting together.

There was a light and dark side. Kind of like Star Wars. But instead of lightsabers, here are ghosts.

I had to finish it. Now I need to work, but if I left it unfinished, I wouldn't have calm sleep.