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19.9.2018 22:08:59

Musk has a new customer, a Japan billionaire that paid to SpaceX to travel to the Moon. He bought an entire flight just for himself. He sad he wants to invite 6 - 8 artists to go with him. He wants them to be inspired and create something from a new perspective. I don't know this guy, not sure if he is into space or the art, but this is so great thing to do.

And also the Elon Musk guy, I love him. If you go to him and say "it's not possible", he'll make it possible. Yeah, why not, why should he just sit home or with friends on a beer. No, he goes, build a rocket and fly to Mars quicker than our city makes a few changes to this neigberhood, literely.

And if there are more people like this Japanese dude, only better.

If you don't want to go to Mars, mind your own business. Don't like what he does? Stop caring about it, he is exactly careless what you do as you should about him. Just stay in forest if you like and let us proceed to the future.