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Stargirl TV show DC comics

21.5.2020 19:45:51

I have watched the new Stargirl TV show. I don't know...

It seemed like a weird mix of many types of entertainment.

First we saw a brutal fight of superheroes with supervillains, a lot of death.
On the other hand I could tell the environment and effects looked almost like some doll's house. So cheap, so not good acted.

And here comes the girl. The Stargirl. She is athletic, which is kind of necessity for a superhero. But she is also almost barbie looking.
She supposed to be lonely, outsider. It's so unbelievable in the show. Not only because of her looks, also it's not acted very well. She felt more arrogant and angry, than lonely.

Even the only fight scene of hers is not believable. Magician knew exactly what it means if she holds the Cosmic Staff and he had a simple chance to hit and kill her, take the staff and end it in seconds. But no, he had to show his ego and got kicked by this Stargirl novice.

Also, the staff can do just everything by itself, why doesn't it? But this may be explained perfectly well in comics and I am more "Is it on the screen? I don't know about it, than".

What is not clear to me, is this after the Infinite Crisis? Since I watch all the current DC shows, some better and some worse, I kind of hope it is in this universe and blend it with the others.

Final verdict is, that I will enjoy this show. TV shows were always little silly and when in these days, TV shows are becoming greatly invested in, not everybody goes with this trend, yet. Doesn't mean it won't be fun, though.