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thinking manipulation everday

4.10.2018 21:48:04

I briefly thought of the meaning of the word "manipulation". People often call that something that's generally wrong. Like my mom, when I told her about Microsoft keynote I saw and said "They are so awesome as they speak and suddenly you have the feeling you could do just anything with this laptop." and she said defensively "It's manipulation.".

But I don't longer think it is a bad thing. Think about it, you just convince someone that you way is the best one to achieve his goal.

Let's take this subject as an example - I can do the same with Apple's Macbook as well as with Microsot's Surface. And I need to do that. So now it's only about who will better convince me that I can do it with their device and I genuinely feel that it's the right way or device to do it. Or if I am hyped for a game from trailers or a car from commercial, it makes me happy to buy that. So it's all good feelings for me, happy ending.

Another example. Let's say you go for a date. You dress perfectly, shower yourself, clean your teeth for the fifth time a day, go out and take her / him for an awesome meal to a restaurant with a great service. Yeah, that's manipulation, you are doing exactly what those at keynotes - getting her or his affection, trying to manipulate your date to like you.

But we'll draw a line somewhere. If you offer something it's not true? Like you say at the date you are a great cook and the top you can do is to make a tea, you are liar and cheater and manipulator. Than it's really bad thing. And even worse is any kind of violence like "You can't go until you purchase this", that's even worse - it's a felony and this person belongs to a jail, this is not even manipulation any more.

So don't call manipulation as a bad thing, it's not and we all use it every single day.