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TV show Star Wars Star Wars Resistance

8.10.2018 20:28:15

A very new Star Wars show - Star Wars Resistance. I know people were complaining about the graphics of Rebels and Clone wars, so they changed it. It looks more like for kids now, it's good, right? :) No, I don't like it.

To other parts, yes it was entertaining, it really was great and I am going to continue watch it.

It's from the time around new Star Wars trilogy - First order, Poe Dameron is there, even Leia. Poe has still his jacket, that's why I don't expect Finn nor Rey. Han, Snoke or Kylo might be seen and I will wait to see them in later episodes. You know who we may see? The old man from the village at the beginning of the new Star Wars trilogy. I hate I don't know who he is.

There is one thing we didn't see as often as I'd like and one we could get less of. First is racing. Not gliders this time, fighters, awesome. And the other one is building a deadly weapon. Guess which one this time...

At the end, it was great, I want another.