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Young Sheldon Season 3 Episode 1 TV show Sheldon

27.9.2019 15:12:05

I've been waiting for this for so long and now it's here - Season 3 of Young Sheldon TV show. Let's take a look at how was the first episode.

First I noticed, Iain grown a bit. How could he not, he's at the age of growing. As for Montana (Gorgie), he grown even more, I consider him now a very handsome young guy. Nothing more really changed, at least not noticeably.

Sheldon's mom, Marry, became concerned about his mental health in the future since Doctor Sturgis is in psychiatric institute (remember how he went "insane" in last episode of season 2?).

Nobody told Sheldon about his pal's issue and he started to get also concerned about his mom's mental health since she became act weird by worrying about him.

All that seemed to me like highly deceiving situation from the adult's side and it almost made me angry, because it's exactly what I see all around myself - parents lying to their kids.

Of course, when Sheldon found out about his mom reading children mental issues book and observing him because of her worrying (but not the reason starting with Dr. Sturgis), she became to giving him a really hard time and told him she thinks he's insane because he "plays with submollecular particles", which Sheldon didn't like since he know it's all real, then he started to giving her one back by repeating she's speaking to an invisible miraculous guy in the sky aaand we had conflict.

Young Sheldon's dad was not really concerned and just wants to sleep, of course he does.

A side story showed us how Georgie beginning to be master salesman. I waiting for this since The Big Bang Theory's Gorgie has been shown as an owner of huge store chain. He started his talent with buying cheap snow balls and sold fifty of them, all I can say all of them. This was really nice to see.

To be truthful, I liked more the Gorgie part of this episode. It was really great to see a (sorry for that) stupid person becoming really good at something. I believe everyone has something that can do very well and they don't need to be smart or great looking or anything, they just have to do something - this guy does and I am happy to see that in this Young Sheldon's episode.

Overall, this episode wasn't really awesome, it was possible on or below average. But I am glad it's here.

Another one is in a week, October 3d, 2019