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Young Sheldon Season 3 Episode 3 TV show Sheldon

13.10.2019 12:19:46

This episode did not do much for me. Funny moments, teachable moments, but this Young Sheldon's episode was more less regular, nice, not awesome.

Georgie shows more and more of his business talent when he's selling candy and chocolate bars half cheaper than school vending machine. Guess what, Veronica notices and finds it really awesome that Georgie does something that useful and earning money. The bad thing is he takes it a wrong way and buy her a jewelry necklace for about $100. Veronica gets feeling he is trying to buy her affection and gets mad. I could say she has issues... but Georgie catch on it and at the end of the episode she finds jewelry box on her car. She is confused but opens the box and she finds a simple $0.10 candy necklace. I think they'll get together one day :)

Sheldon has it a bit complicated this time. He is caught in adult "nonsense" when Coney does not want to drive him to a lecture his new professor offered since he does that only to spend an evening with her and take her from Dr. Sturgis who is still in mental hospital. Sheldon wants to see this lecture, but he's stuck. So he calls everybody selfish people and gets grounded. It didn't stop him and next you know is he is purchasing bus ticket and goes to "the only person who can understand him" - Dr. Sturgis in Dallas psychiatric. His parents find out where he is heading and the episode ends when police stopping the bus. And the teachable moment? He told the whole story to a woman on the bus and she explains to him that the only selfish person in the story is Sheldon.

Next week, bye :)