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Young Sheldon Season 3 Episode 4 TV show Sheldon

19.10.2019 14:08:39

This episode was awesome!

Today centered mostly on Missy, who I feel doesn't get enough attention.
Missy got a crush for a blonde boy who plays baseball and wants here dad, George, to teach her to play and some facts about baseball and their favorite team. In that time, Missy didn't really see it, they were bonding.

There was this sad moment, when Gorge finds Missy laying on her bed and crying. They didn't say much, but Missy told him about the boy and that he likes someone else. Here you can see he is a really great dad. The kids are 12, this liking is not real, but for those kids is and George acts like it is perfectly real broken heart. After that, they went to play baseball again and now it was bonding moment for her.

It was such a strong moment that I almost forget what was Sheldon's role in this episode.

He got into science problem so deep he started to bite his nails off. Marry didn't like he's stressed and ordered him to take a break. After some trials Sheldon got into The Lord Of The Rings books. He read them all, found some inaccuracies between those books and Tolkien's life and got so deep into solving this problem he started to bite his nails off.

But it helped Sheldon in other way. Marry still worries about his mental health since Dr. Sturgis is in psychiatric hospital and they are similar. Sheldon had a dream in which he was Gollum with two personalities and resolved himself. Woke his parents and announced that he had this dream and he will not go sick like his role model.

The episode ended when Missy saw the boy with his girl, took an apple and used the baseball curvy thing George tought her... right into his head.

This episode was really strong and that's what I love the most about actually every show, movie and game.