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Web devProgrammingJavaScriptMobile

24.4.2022 11:24:57

How do you recognize a mobile device in JavaScript?

You can determine type of the device only if a mobile device requests mobile site. In default, they all do, but it's not guaranteed. But it's OK, you should server page and styles and features as requested.

COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic health wellness

30.11.2020 16:32:52

I want to talk about COVID-19, coronavirus and the whole pandemic world is currently in. I am not even trying to talk about the medical side of the virus or illness, more about us, about people and what we, as a society, should change in ourselves, in individuals.

There are things to notice.

KETO Lifestyle diet

19.7.2020 09:09:51

KETO diet is a very stupid thing for the most of people.

I am not a hater, I have an understanding how it works. I'll explain.

Apps Development Business

8.7.2020 18:36:36

One of my company's Profit Visions clients told me his expectations - pay once for an application and that's it for the lifetime.

He is not a first one, I hear sentences like this very often.

Stargirl TV show DC comics

21.5.2020 19:45:51

I have watched the new Stargirl TV show. I don't know...

It seemed like a weird mix of many types of entertainment.

Eating Food Diet Health Fruit Meal

16.2.2020 10:57:29

It's a month since I've changed my eating habits and it works awesome for me!

How I prepare my meals

Fitness Running Jogging Workout Goal

12.1.2020 20:35:02

In my previous article, I mentioned how does my running workout routine look like. It is basically 5 minutes walk before 10 minutes run. It sums totally in 40 - 45 minutes of running.

My new goal for the upcoming week is to shorten those walks down to 3 minutes each with only starting 5 minute worming walk.

Fitness Running Jogging Hoodie Experience Workout

12.1.2020 13:30:40

So I started my running on treadmill with a hoodie a week ago. It is a very different experience and I want to share it. I will mainly show the difference between running in hoodie and just a t-shirt.

First, here is my current routine:

Young Sheldon Season 3 Episode 4 TV show Sheldon

19.10.2019 14:08:39

This episode was awesome!

Today centered mostly on Missy, who I feel doesn't get enough attention.
Missy got a crush for a blonde boy who plays baseball and wants here dad, George, to teach her to play and some facts about baseball and their favorite team. In that time, Missy didn't really see it, they were bonding.

Young Sheldon Season 3 Episode 3 TV show Sheldon

13.10.2019 12:19:46

This episode did not do much for me. Funny moments, teachable moments, but this Young Sheldon's episode was more less regular, nice, not awesome.

Georgie shows more and more of his business talent when he's selling candy and chocolate bars half cheaper than school vending machine. Guess what, Veronica notices and finds it really awesome that Georgie does something that useful and earning money. The bad thing is he takes it a wrong way and buy her a jewelry necklace for about $100. Veronica gets feeling he is trying to buy her affection and gets mad. I could say she has issues... but Georgie catch on it and at the end of the episode she finds jewelry box on her car. She is confused but opens the box and she finds a simple $0.10 candy necklace. I think they'll get together one day :)

Young Sheldon Season 3 Episode 2 TV show Sheldon

4.10.2019 17:40:30

This episode was great!

Sheldon cut the class so he could... wait for it... learn something since teachers in high school couldn't teach him anything new. His way to do so was class with Dr. Sturgis, but since he is in mental hospital, he did have to find a new way.

Young Sheldon Season 3 Episode 1 TV show Sheldon

27.9.2019 15:12:05

I've been waiting for this for so long and now it's here - Season 3 of Young Sheldon TV show. Let's take a look at how was the first episode.

First I noticed, Iain grown a bit. How could he not, he's at the age of growing. As for Montana (Gorgie), he grown even more, I consider him now a very handsome young guy. Nothing more really changed, at least not noticeably.

bunny pet name

1.12.2018 16:53:18

Wow, this little guy is so cute! We gave him an ironic name... his name's Demon :D Yeah, we seriously call him that.

Borderlands Borderlands 3 game

1.12.2018 16:46:15

I am watching a youtube video about Borderlands 3 I am so hyped for it, can't wait.

You know, Borderlands is so awesome. So many things about this series like 'sociopath' Handsome Jack, super crazy 'aaaaaand opeeeeeen!' Claptrap, Sirens etc. We should hear more about it in a week. Hope that's right!

TV show Star Wars Star Wars Resistance

8.10.2018 20:28:15

A very new Star Wars show - Star Wars Resistance. I know people were complaining about the graphics of Rebels and Clone wars, so they changed it. It looks more like for kids now, it's good, right? :) No, I don't like it.

To other parts, yes it was entertaining, it really was great and I am going to continue watch it.

TV show The Walking Dead

8.10.2018 20:11:53

I just saw the new The Walking Dead TV show, season 9, episode 1.

I have never thought that The Walking Dead is something awesome. It's good, I like it, but not perfect. It's often sooooo looong. Took them several seasons to defeat Nigan or even one single episode to show one memory.

game Final Fantasy Final Fantasy XV

4.10.2018 22:07:16

I play a Final Fantasy XV on Windows. You can even watch it :)

I am so glad they did this port from PS4. It's so weird sometimes, like if there are dialogs that show controller buttons instead of keyboard keys. It works great, no problem in controlling Noctis or anything.

TV show Star Trek Star Trek Discovery

4.10.2018 21:50:48

This week I rewatched the full season of Star Trek Discovery TV show. It is soooo awesome, I love that!

thinking manipulation everday

4.10.2018 21:48:04

I briefly thought of the meaning of the word "manipulation". People often call that something that's generally wrong. Like my mom, when I told her about Microsoft keynote I saw and said "They are so awesome as they speak and suddenly you have the feeling you could do just anything with this laptop." and she said defensively "It's manipulation.".

But I don't longer think it is a bad thing. Think about it, you just convince someone that you way is the best one to achieve his goal.

Apple Apple watch Series 4 smart watch watch

1.10.2018 19:45:11

Today I have talked to a friend who works with Apple products. They will have the Series 4 Apple watch by the end of October. I am really looking forward to get it. It's actually my very first smart watch. In the past, I wanted to get the Microsoft Bend, but than it was canceled, the smartphone division was canceled so it kind of passed with it. 


20.9.2018 17:13:59

Today's workout was weird. In a good sense I mean.

Today it was a leg day, usually it is a workout that completely kills me for at least the rest of the day. This time it wasn't any easier during the training session, but somehow I was able to walk afterwards and even run on a treadmill and now an hour and a half later I'm feeling fine.

fooddinnerviet foodcurrymeal

19.9.2018 22:33:59
food, dinner, viet food, curry, meal

Great meal, hmmm, chicken red curry, hmmm. I love viet food.

sharingcarelectric caryellowcityappeconomytransport

19.9.2018 22:30:04
sharing, car, electric car, yellow, city, app, economy, transport

Today i saw this. Is that a car or a high tech shopping roller? :D

It's a car, it really is. So small, so... not ugly, let's call it specific.

movieIncredibles 2PixarJack-Jacksuperheroescinema

19.9.2018 22:17:12

We have been in cinema to watch Incredibles 2. It wasn't so great or anything. I compare to movies like Star Wars, Avengers etc., this is what I love. But it was sooooo OK. To my opinion it was so much better than the first one.

How could that not be better. Jack-Jack is such a crazy baby. Just teleports to a different dimension and gets back only for a cookie. Dad is tired, haven't slept for days, trying to solve "math that changed" or a puberty love of his daughter and of course the little demon while mom is out there to fight crime and enjoying childless life.

spaceMoonMarsElon MuskSpaceXrocketart

19.9.2018 22:08:59

Musk has a new customer, a Japan billionaire that paid to SpaceX to travel to the Moon. He bought an entire flight just for himself. He sad he wants to invite 6 - 8 artists to go with him. He wants them to be inspired and create something from a new perspective. I don't know this guy, not sure if he is into space or the art, but this is so great thing to do.

And also the Elon Musk guy, I love him. If you go to him and say "it's not possible", he'll make it possible. Yeah, why not, why should he just sit home or with friends on a beer. No, he goes, build a rocket and fly to Mars quicker than our city makes a few changes to this neigberhood, literely.

PCRTXnVidiaray tracinggraphics card

19.9.2018 21:20:29

New RTX Nvidia cards are off the information embargo. The results are actually suprising for me. I have watched multiple benchmarking videos like Jayz, Kyle ( or Linus. Linus just complained, won't take him seriously here :) He was right, but not important now.

When I watched Jay's video, I didn't see any kind of difference between GTX 1080 Ti and new RTX 2080 Ti - it was always about 1 - 3 FPS so really nothing. But in Kyle's video I can clearly see there is a huge difference.

MarvelCaptain Marvelmovietrailer

18.9.2018 17:53:07

First Captain Marvel's trailer, I am so hyped for it!


16.9.2018 22:11:32

Just saw this and thking how long does it take to autonomous cars software to be available like open-source or in form of some kind of API or SDK.

PCGPUperformancegraphic cardgamesRTXnVidiaray tracingtechnology

16.9.2018 21:56:46

Not a long time until we know how new RTX GPU performs.

I must say, I am interested in this. Ray tracing is a thing. We haven't seen any FPS yet, but I think they may be very good.

PCDestiny 2videoForsakenencodingCPUGPUperformance

16.9.2018 21:12:56

I think I'll gonna need faster CPU. The video of Destiny 2 Forsaken is rendering more then 2 hours and it's still 1 hour before it's finished. Funny thing is that I always thought that graphics card is taking care of that, but CPU is the one going 100 %. I think I need to study it more.

Well, first vid to my new YouTube channel, can't expect to be perfect :)


16.9.2018 20:51:57

I am writing a project specification of personal screening. I can't believe what information are there to find about any person and with little bit of work and few bucks by anybody.

Starting to think that data really are the most valuable thing in and beyond the world.

Destiny 2vehicleshootingmistake

16.9.2018 19:36:24

OK, I said stupid thing early, that land vehicles in Destiny 2 are just for transport. In Forsaken helped me few times those with cannons. Nice shots :)

PCgameDestiny 2ForsakenCayde

16.9.2018 19:29:45

I have just finished a Forsaken story campaign of Destiny 2. It was pretty good. Cayde died and the guy we've been searching for turns out to be just a poppet. He did kill him for fun I'd say, but me and Petra Venj didn't find him just at his chair, but in the middle of summoning the "god". Well, after that, the god ate him. Guess he deserved that. Funny is, that thing looked like the red ball monster from Doom. Most difficult battle of all in the Desetiny 2. At least yet. I red there are coming more of this game.

I am preparing a gameplay video. One long through whole campaign. The stupid thing is I started to record just after the intro sequence. But since that, it's complete, uninterrupted. And takes maybe 5 hours to encode that - I have 4 videos that I am putting together.

gameiPhonezombiesThe Walking DeadAppleiMovievideo

16.9.2018 10:54:30

A little of zombie shooting in the morning.

I had two videos I put together in iMovie on my iPhone X. I can't understand why it forced the final video into this ratio... Any ideas?

PCgameDestiny 2storyDLCAI

15.9.2018 23:16:40

I have finished Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris and Warmind DLCs. There wasn't really much of a change since the main story. But these stories built up directly on the main one. That's fine.

Osiris is a banished Guardian. He explores infinite realities. I am not perfectly sure, if those realities always been there, or they were created by Vex. Any hint anybody?

PCgameDestiny 2vehicles

15.9.2018 22:06:30

The ground vehicles in Destiny 2 are really just a shiny piece of transport. I hoped it would help me in battles, but they are not in the game for that.


15.9.2018 21:52:58

Why is most space sci-fi stories all around Earth? Something happens, the Earth is all in a danger. Even there are human colonies on other planets. Don't they understand that in that kind of scenario the other planets would be as habitat as Earth? Are they do these stories for sentiment? Or for emotion to our home? Not really sure, but seems weird.

I'm thinking about that because Elon Musk has plans to send human colonists to Mars in next 6 years, build a small city in next 4 years. I'ts 10 years from now. And our city neighborhood is going to be renewed in next 12 years from now. See that speed? See what I mean? This planet is going to grow so much slower than our new planets.

PCgameDestiny 2storybattles

15.9.2018 20:57:05

Yesterday, I've finished main story of Destiny 2 on PC.

It took me a long time before I bought this game. I knew it wasn't much story heavy and that I don't seek. But as I saw the youtubers playing it, it looked great and the developer continuing with large updates. Seemed fine, the graphics is awesome and I needed to turn myself off for a day. OK than, Destiny 2 Forsaken collection it is.


15.9.2018 13:23:34

The right side, walk on the right side. It is simple, but very effective rule. Why is that so important? You need to get somewhere, but between you and your destination are so many people. If you all go just towards each other, you would spent more time by colliding with them than with sleeping.

This is how society works. You can't do whatever you want, we need to live together. It's not much easy task as it is.

gamephoneiPhonezombiesThe Walking Dead

14.9.2018 21:38:28

Every half an hour at leas two battles. It's short and quiet effective relax.

iPhone Xphone caseMickeyDisney

14.9.2018 21:32:10
iPhone X, phone case, Mickey, Disney

I really don't think this iPhone X is cute, but it's fun to have it for a day among other people :D

4KPCgameDestiny 2

14.9.2018 21:25:11

Just played Destiny 2. 4K 60 fps, I love it!